Welcome to the new Pet Search South East website!

We know how hard it is when you lose a pet and have no idea where to start in trying to find them.
Our website provides the information on what to do and who to contact if you should lose your pet.

Our Lost and Found section gives you all the phone numbers and websites to visit for all the local vets and rescues.
We also provide a link where you can create your own lost leaflets and posters for free.

Also in our Lost and Found section are the phone numbers of various rescues etc that can help you if you find a stray animal and you are concerned for their welfare. They can assist you to find their owners safely or offer transport to local vets to receive veterinary treatment if injured. Please contact the RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234 999 if you find a sick or injured animal. For those of you that use Facebook, our Pet Search South East group continues to share all the posts reporting found pets that have been made by the local vets and rescues etc.

We also share your lost posters on our Facebook group, along with the adverts by local rescues looking to rehome the animals in their care.

Our Rehoming section advertises the animals in the care of local rescues looking for new homes. Please look through this section if you have lost your pet as an unmicrochipped animal can be rehomed within a week of being found if unclaimed. Please click on the icon on the posts to go to the fundraising section of the rescue involved in rehoming them.

If you are a rescue in the SS postcode area that would like the animals in your care to be listed on our website please contact Sue on 07724075473 or email

Pet Search South East

Covering the SS0 to SS17 Postcode Areas