What We Do

Pet Search South East provides a database for the local rescues, RSPCA and Cats Protection branches to share their lost and found animals. By all of us working together we are making it easier to reunite the lost and found pets. Our service is free as it's run entirely by volunteers from various rescues and animal charities.

Our Outdoor Pens

Not only do we provide this searchable database, we also try to take care of some of the less fortunate pets that we can't find the owners for. We have three outdoor pens which we purchased ourselves and continue to heat and maintain. They have large windows that overlook our quiet garden. The windows can be safely removed to make them light and airy in the summer months but warm and cosy in the winter. Each pen has an open area fitted with ramps, shelves, toys and a sleeping area with beds, blankets, and a heater for cold nights. Our adult cats stay here while we search for their owners or new homes.

Our Indoor Pens

We also have two indoor pens for new mums and kittens who need constant attention. These indoor pens are full of toys to play with and scratching posts to climb, and allow us to keep a closer eye on young cats that might need a little more care.

These pens have plenty of stimulation for younger minds, but each pen also has a place up nice and high so mum can grab five minutes relaxation out of the way of the playful kittens.

This is where we keep mums and kittens (or sometimes sadly just kittens) until they're old enough and brave enough to go to their new homes.

Donations and Crafts for Causes

We try to raise our own funds for food, litter and so on, so that the rescues we foster for can save their money for important veterinary treatments. We graciously accept any donations from visitors to our site. If you'd like to make a donation, please

We also sell stuffed toys and other small craft items through our Craft for Causes Facebook page. If you'd like to see what's currently available please click here

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