About our website

We provide a searchable database that records some of the animals that have been advertised as found locally to vets, the Southend RSPCA and Cats Protection and local rescues. If you have lost a pet, please look through our database of found animals. Not all pets taken in by these organizations get advertised, so please see our lost and found guide for details of who to contact as well.

Please also take a look at our rehoming category, as an unmicrochipped animal can be rehomed in as little as seven days!

You can also create free custom leaflets and posters with your lost pet's details by clicking here.

You can also share details of your lost pet on the Pet Search South East Facebook page where we will then share to various other organisations for you.

If you have found an animal please also read through our lost and found guide or contact us on the details below for further information.

Please note: You can now click the icon below many of our listed pets to donate to the charity involved in their rescue or rehoming.

If you are an animal rescue in the SS postcode area that would like the animals in your care to be listed on our website, along with downloadable posters and leaflets with your logo and phone number, please contact Sue on 07724075473.

Pet Search South East

Covering Southend, Rayleigh, Castle Point, Rochford & Maldon

Details of animals reported as lost no longer appear in search results but are still available through any social media links posted prior to the changover. All personally identifiable information (e.g. phone numbers) for lost pets has been updated on our website to use the contact details of the rescue that reported them. These rescues are responsible for maintaining their own records independently of Pet Search South East.

For all records held by Pet Search South East, your details will be removed either after five years have passed, your pet is reunited, or at your request, whichever is soonest. This is to ensure we remain compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you believe we hold information you would like us to remove please contact or call 07724075473.